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Ruined Cookie Dough

Cookies and Contempt: A Bad Week

Between a huge ruined batch of chocolate chip cookie dough, a chronically late employee, and no air conditioning, we simply couldn’t catch a break last week. Things I already knew: There is a HUGE difference between Baking Soda and Baking Powder. It’s not the heat, it’s the humidity. Most teenagers could sleep until noon if […]

Many round cookies with vibrant logo

The Summer Slowdown

The Summer Slowdown It’s July. Our slow time. My hands stop moving and my brain begins to operate on overdrive: Why is it slow? We need consistency? What’s the magic bullet that’s going to make this business boom? Am I doing all I can? I have to be more organized. I’ll try ____ kind of […]

Little wooden Knife

Socks as a Centerpiece and a Knife in the Box

Decorating 101 I had a nice glass and iron candle holder in the center of the kitchen table. There was a pretty blue candle in it that pulled in the colors of the nearby furnishings. Now there is a basket of socks. My three teenage sons shower and then dress each morning in their respective […]

Influence other shoppers

Inspiration and Influence

Forgive the manner of solicitation, it’s my speculation that the #hamildocPBS has got me wrought with inspiration and I’m inclined to write in rap and rhyme. I try not to be an imposition I hope you understand this vision that blinds me into asking for your help. I’m needing your opinion to influence the decision of […]


A Change at Cookie Text

“Ain’t nothin’ gonna break my stride, nobody gonna slow me down, I got to keep on movin’,” that’s a pretty accurate description about how I feel about Cookie Text right now. Though if you know that song reference, you’ve just revealed that you are as old as I am. For those that are unfamiliar with […]

CookieText Coupons

Why Coupons are so 2013…

When we launched in 2011, we sent out discounts and coupons with almost every email. Like most people that start a business or introduce a product, we wanted to sell our stuff. We wanted people to try our stuff. We wanted people to like our stuff. When you’re just starting out it seems like […]

Jeanne Fiocca, Peninsula Women's Network 2014 Networker of the Year

CookieText’s Guide to Launching Your Business

Though I concede that I’ve not yet built a Mrs. Fields-type cookie empire, I have learned a lot about small business in the four years since I launched CookieText. Since most of the wisdom out there comes from what seem to be unreachable big-wigs, I thought I’d give you the from ‘someone you might know’ perspective […]

Jeanne Fiocca Teri Beck, and Grandma Mayer

Some People are Meant to be Connected

It Started with a Dream The dream of a little cookie business. And the need for a website. When I was very young my parents had some very good friends…Mr. and Mrs. Mayer lived in what is known as the Fox Hill section of Hampton…long before Willow Oaks Mall or Barron Elementary. Barron sits on some […]

Don't forget the Cookie Text sprinkles

What’s New at

Streamlined Ordering and Checkout With featured products on the front page you can start shopping immediately. One-click and you are on your way to personalizing your CookieText® for your special someone. From browsing the shop, to ordering and checkout, we’ve improved the shopping experience from start to finish. The site is mobile responsive and optimized […]

Cookie Text loves Freakonomics Radio

Podcasts for Small Business Success

Listen and Learn I’ve wondered from time to time how our small business has been able to find success when so many other’s fail. A recent session in my headphones taught me about what I’ve decided to call the CookieText advantage. I just discovered Podcasts. For those that don’t know, they are essentially radio shows […]

Cookie Text Happy 18th Birthday cookie cake

Ode to Cookie Cake

Cookie cake is yummy, I like it in my tummy. Cookie cake delivery, very very happily. Cookie cake to Newport News, or all over in Hampton Roads: you choose. Cookie cake in 6 great flavors, send them to your friends and neighbors. CookieText® is cookie cake, with your message that we make. Baked from scratch and boxed real pretty, we deliver […]


5 Things I Learned from Bar Rescue

There is a television in our cookie kitchen A giant one. It was there before the conversion to bakery, so it’s grandfathered in and thus is allowed to stay… On Tuesdays, I spend my whole workday with my friend Jon Taffer watching Bar Rescue. He doesn’t know we’re friends but that’s okay. He’s given me […]


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