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The Original CookieText cookie cake is our signature product. Made from scratch and baked to order, you can personalize it with your own message and countless combinations of sprinkles. Looking for a “cookie cake near me”? A hand-delivered CookieText cookie cake never disappoints!


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55 reviews for CookieText®

  1. Caroline

    Best Cookie ever! Makes the perfect gift for an occasion!

  2. laura.venker

    Excellent service, fast delivery, and the recipient loved it! You can’t do better than that!

  3. Elizabeth

    Very well received! Great service. Excellent all round!! Highly recommend.

  4. Maryann

    He absolutely loved his cookie and he said it was absolutely delicious! I love that you get a text once it’s delivered so you’re not left wondering all day! The price was great and the service was fabulous!

  5. Katherine

    After completely forgetting to order something for my college son’s birthday, I found Cookie Text. They were able to do NEXT DAY delivery and the cookie was an amazing hit. It was delicious, and they saved me at the last minute! Thank you!

  6. Sheri

    I love this product SOOOO much and use it every so often. I know this is a small business but sometimes I do wish it wasn’t as expensive. I think $15 would be a better range and I feel like I would send more often. Again, great product but it has to be for a very special occasion for me to send one.

  7. Jeanne Fiocca

    Thanks for the review! So glad you love CookieText. I’m sorry you consider it expensive, we hadn’t heard that before.

  8. Jennifer

    We often talk about what quality means.
    And it means different things to different people.

    But I’ve been Food Services for over 30 years and these products are absolute top quality, the service is above and beyond. I do believe you get what you pay for and these products are worth every penny.

  9. vmaam

    My daughter loved the cookie, especially the icing! I appreciated the text sent to my child to let her know that a perishable item was left in the mailroom. Super easy to order, loved the next day service and delivered as promised. I highly recommend!

  10. mascsmid

    A Cookie Text is the perfect gift for the college kid! I think the price is very reasonable for the service provided. My daughter was having a rough evening away at school. After getting off the phone, I placed my order at 8:45 pm. She had the cookie in her hands the next day by noon! It made her day, and it tasted awesome as well! Much more reasonably priced than flowers, and a lot more fun. I highly recommend it! Now that I’ve discovered it, I will use it often!!

  11. Angela

    Birthdays and special events are always that much sweeter when we have cookie text…you cannot deny the love you receive in each red ribbon box.

  12. Maria

    My son loved the brownie cookie text. Said it was delicious! It arrived today just like I had ordered. Thanks so much for helping me surprise him for his birthday!

  13. hwindham48

    The best cookie I’ve ever had! Perfect gift for someone, and a reasonable price. I’ll definitely be ordering again!

  14. Irina

    Perfect way to make someone’s day!! Thanks you!

  15. donteec

    I ordered a cookie cake for my son. He LOVED it! We’re grateful for the surprise he got as well. I’ll be ordering again.

  16. vt_rox

    I ordered a text cookie for my cousin who went through a break up at 8pm one night, and had a cheerful cookie message the next day by noon! It cheered her up considerably and said it tasted amazing! I received such great customer service from Jeanne who emailed me right away to double check the message I wanted and went along with my silly requests! 🙂 Wonderful service and a wonderful product. I will definitely be using this company in the future.

  17. Lindsey

    What a hit! I ordered my boys a Cookie Text for Valentine’s Day and they, as always, LOVED it! James said “Why is it that the things that are most amazing are the things we only get on special occasions, like Cookie Texts?!” Thanks for giving us the best!

  18. kckruse

    A delicious way to say thanks ! I ordered two cookies (delivered to different places). I was informed on each one when it was delivered and I agree with everyone else such a quick turn around time – You are amazing !!! Both Veterinary Hospitals LOVED the cookie text. This is one of my first orders but not my last.

  19. jessicaruff07

    The cookie text was a huge hit with adults and kids alike! Lovely packaging, prompt delivery, great decoration, and delicious all the way around. Great value and very reasonable pricing. Thank you so much!

  20. Wendy

    My husband and co-workers LOVED the 13×9 CookieText I sent to his office for his birthday! I love the convenience of free delivery too. My kids took care of the leftovers!! Thank you to Jeanne and team!

  21. Angela

    Cookie Text is always fresh, tasty, and delivered in a timely manner. I don’t wait for a holiday/event to order one…I make my own occasion, and treat myself.

  22. shellikc

    Delicious cookie, decorated perfectly, and delivered in a timely manner. It was a little smaller than I was expecting for the price, but I will definitely order again in the future… it’s just that good!!

  23. John

    It was all smiles when the CookieText was delivered today! I sent it to some folks for sending business my way. I’m sure they’ll send more now after that awesome cookie. Thanks!

  24. taystrou

    Always impressed with Cookie text! They are a sweet & cute way of letting someone know you’re thinking about them! And the prices are outstanding!! 🙂

  25. Jeanne Fiocca

    Thanks so much!

  26. vancelittle

    Great idea for that little ‘thank you’ to someone! I needed a quick and expressive way to thank someone for doing a huge favor for me. CookieText was the perfect way to do accomplish it. I was able to send a delicious treat with a personalized message showing the gratitude I had for helping me out.

    The cookie was incredibly delicious, the message was ‘short and sweet’, and the personal service I received was top-notch!

    Thank you CookieText! You are the best…eveeerrrrr! 🙂

  27. Amy

    A huge hit for my daughter’s Birthday at CNU…it was also delicious and perfectly timed delivery. Will definitely use again and highly recommend.

  28. Angela

    This is the first time I have sent out multiple cookie texts for a number of deserving reasons on the same day. Once I found out that you can number and add the additional addresses in the other note section I thought…what stop at 3…I will get one for me…always excellent.

  29. Amy

    Absolutely the BEST gift to send. And SOOOO delicious!! I recommend cookie text to all my friends. Such a fun alternative to the typical flower delivery. 😉 YUM!

  30. sfroyen

    We love Cookie Text!!!!!!! I’ve order them on numerous occasions and they are always a hit. It’s an adorable personalized way to send a gift that taste great!

  31. Bandgva1

    Oh my gosh I could not be happier with the product, delivery and speed with which my daughter received her Cookie Text! She loved it!
    Thank you guys! Wish you had one in Blacksburg 🙂

  32. Kathy

    My son is in the military and many miles from home…I found Cookie Text through search engine and ordered for my son’s birthday! I was pleasantly surprised they were able to deliver right to his door in base housing. He loved the cookie and this mom was happy it all worked out! Thanks Cookie Text!!!

  33. Jeanne Fiocca

    Thanks so much for the review! I’m glad you found us and I’m so thrilled he loved his CookieText!

  34. Kristi

    This is such a good gift. Easy to order, fun to get, gender neutral, well-priced, quick delivery, and personalized. We will definitely be ordering more in the future!

  35. Jeanne Fiocca

    Thanks so much!! Love your assessment!:)

  36. amyccolley

    Cookie Texts always bring smiles! My recipient LOVED her delicious brownie cookie text for School Counselors Week! Easy, delicious, and fun! Thank you, Cookie Text!

  37. Jeanne Fiocca

    You are welcome! Thank you for the order!

  38. Peggy

    My daughter loved her sugar cookie text!! It arrived beautifully and tasted delicious! Thank you for your service!

  39. Kenya

    This is our second year sending Cookie Text to our daughter for Valentine’s Day. This year’s was more beautiful than last, and she absolutely loves receiving them. Thank you so much for making her day while she’s away at school.

  40. Lindsay

    Super easy to order! Love that there’s no shipping cost! Hubby loved getting his on Valentine’s Day! I will definitely order again!

  41. Kimberly

    As always our cookie cakes taste AMAZING!!! I find it super hard to even want to share them with my family! I find myself cutting up the cake and hiding most of it in the freezer for myself! Lol Whenever I have been in a bind Jeanne has always been there to save me!! Been purchasing her cakes for over 5 years now I believe, and I don’t plan on EVER stopping!! Thank you so much for your awesome service and yummy cookie cakes! ❤️❤️

  42. Jeanne Fiocca

    Thank you so very much!

  43. cbgreen5

    I ordered a birthday cookie for my niece she received it around 11:00 and she ate half of it for lunch. She loved it. I had the address wrong and they worked hard to find her. I have used them many times and they are wonderfull. Cookies are great you can’t just eat one piece.

  44. Jeanne Fiocca

    Thank you!

  45. ljbyrnes1

    I ordered the large 12 x 18 size cookie for my daughter’s birthday. It was delivered to her college before lunch time. She and her roommates, and a good number of those living on the hall, got to enjoy it. Great gift for a student away from home.

  46. Scarlet

    The Cookie was terrific and was a wonderful surprise for my moms 72nd birthday.

  47. Jeanne Fiocca

    Thanks so much!! Happy Birthday to her!

  48. Kerri

    Best way to do a promposal is with a cookie!! Thank you so much!! And she said yes!!

  49. Jeanne Fiocca

    Great to hear! Thank you!

  50. Nate

    Worked great as a Mother’s Day gift. My wife was surprised and loved the sentiment and the taste of the cookie. It was delivered on time and tasted great! Thank you!

  51. Jeanne Fiocca

    Thanks so much for the order and for letting us know you were pleased!

  52. Lauren

    I use Cookie Text for all occasions!!!! There is always a reason to send a friend or loved one a cookie, even if it’s to simply say “hello”. Everybody loves a surprise or a “thinking of you” and Cookie Text is the perfect way to express that 🙂
    Best sweet treats ever!

  53. Kay

    I sent this to my daughter who is a Freshman at Christopher Newport University. She was so excited to get it and she said it was really tasty! Thanks so much for great customer service and for providing a tasty homemade cookie!! I will be using your service again for sure 🙂

  54. Jeanne Fiocca

    Thank you very much for taking the time to leave a review. I truly appreciate it!~Jeanne

  55. llhorne

    Wonderful service! My daughter loved it and when I called to ask a few questions they were so helpful and nice!

  56. Jeanne Fiocca

    Thank you so much!!

  57. maria.dee

    Great service! Delicious cookies!!!

  58. samscottsdad

    My first cookie almost didn’t get shared – it was that good! My daughter and wife also loved it and are now dedicated! Virginia Wesleyan soccer will be enjoying one soon! Sorry my co-workers here weren’t able to have any, but I’ll share the next one with them.

    We also bought a larger cookie for a customer of ours – a local softball team. They were very appreciative and loved it as well! It was an “upgrade” to a 9″ x 13″ and well worth it! I think we’re going to keep y’all pretty busy! Thank you very much! Craig – Premiere Sportscenter Yorktown

  59. Jeanne Fiocca

    So glad we’ve got a new customer in you! Thanks for the awesome feedback and taking the time to leave a review!

  60. carrie

    Who doesn’t love a cookie? These are delicious, freshly baked with love, and delivered with a smile! We will be ordering again!

  61. lkrause4

    This is my third order with you and you have really stepped up when I needed you. All were last minute orders which you filled accurately & on time, on the dates needed. All three friends LOVED their gifts and I would highly recommend you to anyone who is wondering about a gift that fits EVERYONE!

  62. Jeanne Fiocca

    Thank you so much!

  63. Rachel Bender

    Navigating birthdays is a little harder during COVID, but thanks to these guys, it got a little easier! My daughter’s 16th was today. The cookie was fresh and delicious!

  64. Jeanne Fiocca

    Thank you!!!


    The best tasting cookies ever and the most amazing way to send an uplifting sweet treat and message to a friend, family member, client or associate!

  66. Jeanne Fiocca

    Thank you so much!

  67. Anna Gimpel

    I have been purchasing cookie texts for many years. They have never disappointed me and have always exceeded my expectations. The product, packaging, service and price all make a winning team. So thankful for this wonderful business!

  68. Jeanne Fiocca

    Thank you so very much!!

  69. Scarlet

    Great service! The surprise was a hit and always tastes great!

  70. Jeanne Fiocca

    Awesome!! Thanks so much!

  71. Allie

    I love cookie text!!! Everyone is really nice and so helpful. When I’m not buying one for myself, I usually buy them for my friends/family and everyone really enjoys them! I’m glad I found cookie text to send special treats to the people I love but can’t always see in person.

  72. Jeanne Fiocca

    Thank you so much!!

  73. overthewake

    Who isn’t excited to receive their very own cookie text? These are legendary little treats, and I love seeing the happy faces of those who receive them! So thankful we have this business in our local area!

  74. Jeanne Fiocca

    Thanks so very much!

  75. maria.dee

    We love Cookie Text and order from them all the time! This time I ordered a cookie for my neighbor who recently found out she has cancer, “Kick Cancer’s @$$!” My neighbor called me crying she was so moved! She loved it and it made her day! Thank you!

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