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CookieText® are simply fantastic. You will not find a better cookie anywhere. I have stopped looking, and now rely on Jeanne to deliver sweet happiness! Give ‘em a try. You will not be disappointed.

Liz - Yorktown, VA

This was such a wonderful surprise after a terrible weekend. And what a smile it brought to me. I shared it with my co-workers, who stated that this is the BEST cookie they have ever eaten. I will definitely be putting in an order soon!

Tracey - Hampton, VA

Jim Hicks sent us the “Thanks for the Referrals” CookieText®. What a cool product. We also send thank you cards to people who refer business our way, but CookieText® is more personal and just as easy to process.

Kevin - Carrollton, VA

your special message + our homemade cookie...
hand delivered for any occasion.

I had a CookieText® delivered to my daughter at high school with the text “just because”…she just texted me with “my heart melted, I smiled the whole day and showed it off to everyone”. Thank you Jeanne for a wonderful cookie/moment!!

Monica - Yorktown, VA

 It even came with a little knife to cut it. Nice personal touch.

Tony - Hampton, VA

My heart and taste buds were thrilled when I received a fantastic CookieText® surprise from my lovely sister in-law. What a way to make a day, and a whole week special!

Monica - Yorktown, VA

Thanks for a great gift idea. Everyone enjoyed. In fact yesterday there were 19 people at my fathers Easter Dinner. We cut up the cookie and shared with all. Thanks for your great work.

Greg - Yorktown, VA

Mrs. Fiocca, you absolutely made my day! Your cookies ARE delicious, and I am so thrilled for your new business…I wish you much success, and I will spread the word about your service!

Sarah - Yorktown, VA

I just received a CookieText® from a student. What a great Christmas surprise! This is a delicious teacher gift!

Mary Lou - Yorktown, VA

It was a hit!!! Thank you so much. Now I need to order my oldest daughter one. Guess I’ll get both my girls one, LOL!

Corrie - Hampton, VA

The taste of the CookieBites are FABULOUS ! Great job! You go girl 🙂 This was my first experience and I believe I will be a returning customer.

Rickie - Newport News, VA

CookieText® is the best company in the world…well, maybe Microsoft, but it’s a close second.

Nick - Yorktown, VA

If CookieText® isn’t a franchise, it needs to be!

Kevin - Carrollton, VA

Your cookie is the bomb.

Maria - Hampton, VA

It arrived fresh and tasted wonderful. I love to support a local business!

Laura - Yorktown, VA

Cookies are magic! Really made [her] day and made the tears go away.

Mike - Yorktown, VA

your special message + our homemade cookie...
hand delivered for any occasion.

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