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What Are You Selling Anyway?

The question was posed today

As a business owner and salesperson, do you know what you are really selling? Well, unbelievably delicious cookie cakes, of course…but clearly the person asking the question was looking for something more meaningful. So I thought for a bit. What Are You Selling?

Last week, when we sent out a CookieText® cookie cake to the staff of a local nursing home, we were delivering heart-felt gratitude from the family of the cared for.

When we went into the nearby subdivision and dropped off a CookieText® cookie cake to a new mother, we were celebrating the joy that new life emits.

The CookiePic® cookie cake for the woman who suggested to her friend that she use the same real estate agent as she did, and told her why, well that was from that Real Estate agent. It was two-fold…it was a thank you and a promise she won’t let her down.

The sampler pack of Emoti-Cookie® cookie cakes going to CNU tomorrow, that’s love from afar, from a mom who misses her boy.

And that CookieText® cookie cake that high-schooler used to ask his date to homecoming, well that was sweetness with a touch of hope.

The CookieText® cookie cake I dropped off to my friend, for her family to share as they gathered to mourn the passing of the grandfather, there I was delivering our family’s sympathy and compassion.

We’re Selling More Then Cookie Cakes

So sure, we sell CookieText® and CookiePic® cookie cakes, Emoti-Cookie® Text cookie cakes and Emoti-Cookie® Pic cookie cakes. In so many delicious flavors, no less. But I contend that what we’re really selling is more complex than that. I think we deliver a lot more than cookie cakes. Cookie Text is about helping people to share their personal message exactly the way they want to say it.