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Ode to Cookie Cake

Cookie Text Happy 18th Birthday cookie cake

Cookie cake is yummy, I like it in my tummy.

Cookie cake delivery, very very happily.

Cookie cake to Newport News, or all over in Hampton Roads: you choose.

Cookie cake in 6 great flavors, send them to your friends and neighbors.

CookieText® is cookie cake, with your message that we make.

Baked from scratch and boxed real pretty, we deliver but don’t sing a ditty.

Order online today for tomorrow, very affordable you wont need to borrow.

Once you have ordered, you’ll order again, our customer service sets a quick trend.

No yucky old store bought with unknowns inside, order a CookieText® and you’ll feel the pride-

…of sending a gift that’s such a delight, don’t be reluctant you could order tonight.

Don’t mess up your kitchen or go out to shop, ours are moist and delicious with frosting on top.

CookieText® cookie cakes are the best of the best, if you don’t believe me then put us to the test.

Cookie Text is a fabulous brand, by our reputation firmly we stand.

Every last cookie cake isn’t the same, order CookieText® cookie cakes or your own self’s to blame.