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It’s a Small World

Late Friday Night

It’s Friday evening and my business line rings with a call from Texas.

“Good evening, this is Jeanne,” see, since it’s my cell and my business phone, I answer any unknown calls like that.

“Hi,” says a slightly strained voice, “is this the bakery?”

“Yes, this is Cookie Text,” I reply.

“First of all, do you deliver?”

“Yes, everything is hand delivered.”

“Okay, good, now are you open tomorrow?”

I explain that I take Saturday orders when I can, and have several for the next day, so I’d love to help her out. But since the number is from Texas, I clarify my delivery areas.

The Situation

“Yorktown. Good, my sister lives in Yorktown and she broke her wrist today. I wanted to do something nice for her,” the caller said.

I talk with her a bit about our product options and what would be best for the household she’s sending to. She decides on an item and explains that she’s 6 months pregnant, walking through the airport to her gate, doesn’t know yet how her sister even broke her wrist, but would try to place the order via her phone if she doesn’t have to board immediately. She mentioned she found Cookie Text by searching the yellow pages online for Yorktown bakeries.

Order Online

I explain that I’d love to help her out and take her order over the phone, but I was driving at the time (doing carpool for the Friday night trip to the ice skating rink–the latest place to be seen for middle schoolers). I told her if she had any trouble at all ordering online just call me or text me before the night ends and I promise her sister will get her item the next day.

It was a pleasant conversation. I was happy for the order, thrilled that she found Cookie Text online, and also delighted at the prospect of brightening her sister’s day.

Order Received

When orders are placed, I get an email with all the details. It’s quite convenient and helpful. So as I sat at the ice skating rink where the cool kids were spending their Friday night, I peeked at my email on my phone and there was the order from the woman in the airport.

It’s a Small World

See, the woman in Texas…that found us online…well, she was ordering a cookie for her little sister…
who broke her wrist in PE, and who just happens to be my eleven year old son’s sweetheart.